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G.H. Bass print ads

Print Ads, Consumer

G.H. Bass & Co.’s Fall 2013 campaign celebrates the brand’s heritage and pays homage to its iconic “Weejuns,” the original penny loafer, first introduced to Americans in 1936. Conceived by New York City-based creative agency YARD, the campaign is a tribute to the Weejuns and another American icon: the penny. YARD was inspired by the penny’s heritage and its enduring cultural value, even as its monetary value dwindles. The tagline “Power to the Penny” honors both coin and loafer.

The campaign embodies G.H. Bass & Co.’s preppy-meets-outdoor heritage and features a cast of four models who personify the brand’s style, and this goes beyond physical appearance. When casting models, YARD asked personal questions—about everything from favorite pick-up lines to special hobbies and talents—to uncover individuals with unique personalities. Each print execution for the campaign is unique as well. YARD hired an illustrator to hand-paint or collage one-of-a-kind “art pennies,” and paired each model’s photo with a customized penny that echoes the pattern and color of their pair of Weejuns, turning the classic penny into an expression of personal style.

Montana Whiteley, writer; Christina Kim, senior designer; Stephen Niedzwiecki, chief creative officer; Paola Kudaki/Bob Martus, photographers; Sara Harper, producer; Jennifer Carter Campbell, executive producer; Katie Cowden, project manager; YARD (New York, NY), ad agency; G.H. Bass & Co., client.