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“Be Around” music video for The Peach Kings

Motion Graphics, Entertainment

This is the third video New York-based filmmaker Paul Trillo has done for The Peach Kings (Paige Wood and Steven Dies). With each video, Trillo has experimented with a different technique that could be executed at a relatively low cost. Trillo’s approach to all The Peach Kings’ videos has been to match the tone and feeling of the song. “It sounds simple,” he says, “but it’s something a lot of people overlook.” The video for “Be Around” doesn’t tell a literal story or directly reference the song’s lyrics, but aims to evoke the sound in a visual form. Trillo was drawn to the idea of double exposures because the synthesis of two images into a wholly new picture has an inherent element of storytelling that complements the overall theme of the song, which is about saying one thing and doing something else. “The effect is relatively simple and inexpensive to pull off,” Trillo says. “I wanted to show that people can experiment and create interesting images with very basic tools. The greatest thing people have said is that after watching this piece, they’ve been inspired to go out and create something.”

Paul Trillo (Brooklyn, NY), director; The Peach Kings, music/client.