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Beautiful Books posters

Posters, Entertainment

In the age of Kindle downloads and Amazon one-click purchases, how does the maker of classic, paper-and-cloth books stay relevant? Folio Society’s Beautiful Books campaign targets a younger audience with the suggestion that personally inscribed books will always make a meaningful gift. The campaign focuses on Folio Society titles that have recently been made into films and TV shows in order to make the books feel modern. The posters show that inscribing books with personal messages lets you become part of the classic stories inside—something you can’t do with a download on a backlit e-reader.

Adam Evans, art director; Jody Elphick, writer; David Dyer, creative director; Rob Rasmussen, chief creative officer; Alison Carmichael, typography; Laurence Haskell, photographer; Story Worldwide (New York, NY), ad agency; Folio Society, client.