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Belgian Natural Gas Association

TV/Radio Commercials, Consumer

Solar energy is great. But in a “low-on-sun”country like Belgium, people are better off with a system that combines solar and traditional energy. TBWA Belgium’s new spot shows ever so gently how renewable energy and natural gas go hand in hand.

Michael Mikiels, TBWA Belgium, art director; Eric Maerschalck, TBWA Belgium, writer; Jan Macken, TBWA Belgium, creative director; Olivier Babinet, LOVO Films, director; Mieke Vandewalle, SAKE/Johanna Keppens, SAKE/Bert Brulez, LOVO Films, producers; Franç ois Mercier, LOVO Films, production director; Thomas Vande Velde, TBWA Belgium, account manager; Isabelle Borremans, Belgian Natural Gas Association/Ann De Backer, Belgian Natural Gas Association, clients.