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Best Friends Animal Society "Fix at Four" campaign

Print Ads, Public Service

Founded in 1984, Best Friends Animal Society operates the nation’s largest animal sanctuary for abused and abandoned animals, provides spay/neuter and educational programs throughout the US and is a pioneer of the no-kill shelter movement. It needed a campaign to address the importance of spaying and neutering pets before they reach four-months of age.

TM Advertising collaborated with Lucky Twenty One’s directing duo Marc and Melanie Chartrand to create this online and print campaign starring rescued animals in a show-stopping display of charm and lovability. Casting and directing the rescue animals (provided by Operation Kindness) so their actions could be integrated with the motion typography was one of the most uniquely challenging aspects of the production; ultimately the web spot, “Infographic,”  offers just the right blend of appeal and call to action, without being overly saccharine.

Pamela Coatti, TM Advertising/Ryan Beals, TM Advertising, art directors; Chris Bettin, TM Advertising/Courtney Pulver, TM Advertising, writers; Krista Hogg, TM Advertising, senior writer; Chris Bettin, TM Advertising/Pamela Coatti, TM Advertising, associate creative directors; Bill Oakley, TM Advertising, chief creative officer; The Chartrands, Lucky 21, director; Stephanie Murdoch, TM Advertising, senior producer; John Gilliland, Lucky 21, executive producer; Teresa Cameron, Lucky 21, head of production; Cash Lim, Intelligent Creatures, production manager; Russel Rehmund, Intelligent Creatures, lead CG artist; Jonald Santos, Intelligent Creatures/Chethan Diwakar, Intelligent Creatures, CG artists; Hans Zimmer, "You’re So Cool,” music; Sandra Zehm, TM Advertising, broadcast supervisor; Debbie McIlhany, TM Advertising, broadcast coordinator; Amber Ayers, Best Friends, senior manager creative; Kari Hartkorn, Best Friends, special events marketing manager; Lori Bernath, Best Friends, sanctuary