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Best Friends PSA

Online Ads, Public Service

In the era of Instagram and Vine, anyone can be a celebrity—even your cat. This PSA for the Best Friends Animal Society eschews the traditional approach of having a television star endorse the campaign. Instead, TBWA\Chiat\Day LA looked at the current glitterati of Instagram pet photos, tapping the massive followings of the Internet’s hottest pets.

Tiny cat @iamLilBUB, goofy-faced Chiweenie (that’s Chihuahua-Dachshund) @tunameltsmyheart, wide-eyed @nala_cat and the treat-loving super-terrier @ginny_jrt are the faces of the campaign, and will post a film to each of their individual Instagram feeds, sending it directly to millions of pet-obsessed followers. The PSA, which features all four of the starring pets, will air simultaneously, reminding us how easy it is to adopt a new best friend.

Annie Johnston/Kathleen Swanson, creative directors; Patrick O'Neill, executive creative director; John Norman, chief creative officer; Lee Clow, global director of media arts; Mark Holden, Flame artist; Donald Andrews, editor; Cutler Gray, assistant editor; Richard O'Neill, integrated production director; Lacy Plunk, producer; Orlee Klempner, associate producer; Hunter Connor/Asher Edwards/Guia Iacomin, executive producers; Abisayo Adeiare, visual effects producer; TBWA\Chiat\Day (Los Angeles, CA), ad agency; Best Friends Animal Society, client.