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The Bible of Barbecue

Collateral, Business

Brazil is a country that takes its barbecue very seriously. To promote Tramontina, a leading Brazilian cookware line, JWT Brazil created an interactive cookbook simply titled The Bible of Barbecue. The cookbook’s individual pages are all real tools that can be used to make perfect, authentic Brazilian barbecue: One page shatters into charcoal to start the fire; another is made from salt for seasoning the meat; one page even sharpens your knife. Everything is included, from an apron to a sheet of tin foil. To top it all off, the book’s wooden cover doubles as a chopping board and its final page becomes a serving dish. The Bible of Barbecue has been shared with master chefs in Brazil and will soon be available in select bookstores.

Lucas Reis/Fabio Simões, art directors; Fernando Duarte/Sleyman Khodor/Patrick Matzenbacher/Lucas Tristão, writers; Erick Rosa/Diego Wortmann, creative directors; Ricardo John, chief creative officer; Gustavo Gripe, project director; Régis Fernandez, photographer; Raul Krebs, director of photography; Estúdio Olho Bala/Lucas Reis, illustration; Filipe Birck/Guilherme Krolow, animation; Antfood, sound design; Santa Transmedia, production designer; Manoel Cipriano/Flávio Schaefer, producers; Fernand Alphen/José Lucas de Paula/Juliana Maaz, strategy; JWT Brazil (São Paolo, Brazil), ad agency; Rosane Fantinelli/Marcos Grespan/Tramontina/Clovis Tramontina, clients.