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Blaze Pizza identity and packaging

Identity, Consumer

Blaze Pizza is a new fast-casual pizza joint with a twist: It features an assembly line format allowing customers to create custom-built artisanal pizzas, which are then fired to perfection in just 120 seconds. As founder Elise Wetzel puts it, “freakishly fast.” To help launch the brand, O’Leary and Partners were asked to develop the logo, messaging, online and all in-store materials. From the playful pizza boxes and cups to the dynamic website and wall murals, everything supports the ideas of creativity and self-expression, and reinforces Blaze’s rally cry, “There is no wrong way to play.”

Eric Spiegler/Deidre McQuaide, executive creative directors; Matt McNelis, associate creative director/copywriter; Josh Zipper, art director; Jean Wei, designer; Eric Anderson, photographer.