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Blue Bottle New Orleans Iced Coffee packaging

Packaging, Consumer

Until recently, sampling Blue Bottle Coffee required a visit to one of the company’s cafés in New York City or the San Francisco Bay Area. Now, Blue Bottle’s popular New Orleans Iced Coffee, cold-brewed for eighteen hours with organic roasted chicory, is available in grocery stores. Design studio Pearlfisher sought to extend the intimate café experience to a retail-friendly carton that would introduce New Orleans Iced Coffee to a larger audience and stand out on crowded grocery shelves. Pearlfisher created a package that has the nostalgic look of a dairy carton, a new look for the brand that stays true to the heart of Blue Bottle founder James Freeman’s original vision, challenging the expected look of coffee products while remaining modest and utilitarian. “Blue Bottle has always approached coffee differently than their competitors and it was really important that we applied that same thinking to their [retail offering],” says Hamish Campbell, creative director at Pearlfisher New York.

Hamish Campbell, creative director; Pearlfisher (New York, NY), design firm; Blue Bottle Coffee, client.