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Brand Perfect Annual

Publications, Business

Monotype launched Brand Perfect to bring together a community of designers, developers and brand representatives in an ongoing conversation about how to use technology to improve brand performance. The site is steered by its members, who use it as a platform to share expertise and vet new ideas. The first Brand Perfect Annual was released in early 2014 and is available to members at no cost. It consists of updated pieces from the website as well as new features, such as “The Wisdom of the Age,” which surveys 20 brand, design and development professionals about what they learned in the last year and how that is informing their approach to 2014. The annual is published by Monotype, designed by magCulture’s Jeremy Leslie and set in a suite of different Monotype fonts.

Jeremy Leslie, designer; magCulture/Monotype design (London), design firms; Monotype, client.