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Brew Detroit posters

Posters, Consumer

Detroit may be known as the fading capital of the auto industry, but Brew Detroit intends to make the city newly famous, this time for its beer. Tampa, Florida-based agency PP+K sought to introduce Brew Detroit with a simple graphic that would make it clear that the new brewery is literally going to change the way we see the Motor City. These posters build the Detroit skyline out of subtle images of beer, a perfect way to illustrate the brewery’s new vision for the city. PP+K incorporated small graphic icons within the type to add a touch of unique personality. The posters have contributed to the pride locals feel in the heritage of the hardworking city of Detroit.

Palmer Holmes, art director; Michael Schillig, writer/creative director; Tom Kenney, executive creative director; PP+K (Tampa, FL), ad agency; Brew Detroit, client.