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British Journal of Photography iPad app

Apps, Entertainment

It took nine months of research and development to create the British Journal of Photography’s iPad app. The 159-year-old magazine relied on an in-house team, led by creative director Mick Moore, to liberate its features from the confines of paper and print for the first time.

The app offers the BJP’s characteristic mix of arresting imagery, elegant design and thought-provoking articles. Developing the product had its challenges, but it offered the team an opportunity not only to rethink the way it presents and displays photography, but to fundamentally reconsider how a magazine should be constructed. The response has been impressive—the app has received several awards and logged hundreds of thousands of downloads.

Mick Moore, creative director; Olivier Laurent, editor; Simon Bainbridge, executive editor; Tom Royal, technology director; Marc Hartog, publisher; British Journal of Photography (London, United Kingdom), client.