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Brooklyn Film Festival posters

Posters, Entertainment

“There are some things you can only see in BRKLYN”—that’s the tagline for this year’s Brooklyn Film Festival campaign and a rallying cry for budding film directors to pitch their film plots, no matter how outrageous they sound. These posters are part of a print, television and social media campaign produced by Mambo with creative consultation from TBWA. The campaign reveals the crazy and far-fetched plot lines of some of last year’s winning films as independent filmmakers, producers and writers pitch their outrageous film plots in various Brooklyn locations.

Deniz Marlali, art director; Rob Schwartz, writer/creative director; Betty Jo Moore, editor; Joey Alvarado, director of photography; Stephen Kessler, Mambo, video director; Cecil Hooker, Flame artist; Tim Masick, colorist; Tom Jucarone, sound design; Ozzie Spenningsby, producer; Stephanie Apt, executive producer; TBWA\Worldwide (New York, NY), ad agency; Brooklyn Film Festival, client.