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Brothers Restaurant identity

Identity, Entertainment

Brothers John and Buddy Milner, the owners of Milner’s American Southern restaurant in Winston-Salem, NC, opened a new, casual outpost and named it, appropriately, Brothers. Local agency Wildfire created the new brand mark, visual identity, menus, uniforms and website for Brothers, which features a simple menu ranging from pizza and grilled cheese sandwiches to tacos and Carolina BBQ. The Milners complement each other perfectly: the big brother is quiet and serious, while the younger brother is lighthearted and quick to tell a joke, and the new brand captures both personalities. It’s both raw and refined, combining natural and industrial elements to celebrate sophisticated flavors in a fun, laid-back environment. The new cuisine has certainly held up the image—shortly after opening, Brothers was voted Best New Restaurant in the 2013 Winston-Salem Journal Readers Choice Awards.

Anna Jacobs, writer; Traci Naff, designer; Mike Grice, chief creative officer; Wildfire (Winston-Salem, NC), ad agency; Brothers, client.