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The Brownie & Madam Optical brand identity

Identity, Consumer

The Brownie and Madam Optical Company is, as the name implies, a business with a strong personality—quirky, irreverent and a little bit old-timey. San Francisco-based Chen Design Associates (CDA) created comprehensive branding for the new eyewear company that was inspired by a late nineteenth-century aesthetic, but with a modern outlook. The Brownie and Madam is committed to designing and manufacturing finely-crafted, fashionable eyeglasses and selling them through independent representatives. The bespoke quality of both the product and the retail experience is the basis for CDA's logo illustration: two inviting, vintage-style wooden chairs flanking a small table with a display case. CDA detailed every aspect of the customer experience, producing a printed catalog and collateral, a website, product photography, tote bags, display cases, business cards, thank-you cards, triplicate forms, custom shipping boxes and artwork for the eyeglass cases. CDA even ventured into new territory, designing eyewear cleaning cloths on which the letters of a vintage eye chart spell out a message.

Joshua C. Chen/Max Spector, art directors; Michael Ater/Kimberly Low/Wes Mitchell, designers; Max Spector, lead designer; Joshua C. Chen, creative director; Wes Mitchell, photographer; Chen Design Associates (San Francisco, CA), design firm; The Brownie and Madam Optical Company, client.