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Cacio & Pepe identity

Identity, Consumer

Inspired by the internationally accessible Italian restaurants of New York City, Cacio & Pepe is introducing dishes such as shrimp squid-ink linguini to the gourmands of Bogotá, Colombia. To launch the restaurant, ad agency p576 researched Art Deco graphic style from both NYC and Italy, and settled on the Empire font which is used in the "&" of the logo. The six logo designs reinforced the idea of a classic restaurant, to make it appear as though recently launched Cacio & Pepe has been serving gnocchi forever.

Arutza Rico Onzaga, creative director; Daniel Cantor/Ximena Guzmán/Felipe Osorio/María Silva, graphic designers; Arutza Rico, photographer; Diana Cortés, project manager; p576 (Bogotá, Colombia), ad agency; Grupo Takami, client.