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Calgary Society for Persons with Disabilities 2012 report

Annual Reports, Public Service

"The Calgary Society for Persons with Disabilities (CSPD) is a non-profit organization that provides residential care to adults with developmental disabilities,"said designer Hans Thiessen. "What makes CSPD truly unique is its ability to see past disabilities, in order to help clients reach their full potential. To illustrate the concept of 'seeing past disability,' we created a report printed entirely on french-folded translucent vellum. This allows the reader to see through each page, creating juxtaposition between full bleed black and white portraits and stark sans-serif typography."

Max May, writer; Hans Thiessen, designer; Monique Gamache, design director; Joe Hospodarec, creative director; Brendan Klem, photographer; Maddie Gauthier, project manager; WAX (Calgary, Canada), ad agency; Calgary Society for Persons with Disabilities, client.