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Calgary Zoo 2011 annual report

Annual Reports, Public Service

When the Calgary Zoo, a leader in animal and environmental conservation, needed a design for their 2012 annual report, Trigger Communications showcased the zoo’s conservation efforts with a one-page, one-ink annual report printed on 100-percent post-consumer newsprint. To help conserve design hours, two designers and two art directors collaborated on the layout. The making-of video tells the too-familiar story of limited time and budget.

Shauna Luedtke/Brian Allen/Todd Blevins/Jonathan Herman, designers; Jordon Lawson/Laurie Skene, Calgary Zoo, writers; Jonathan Herman, associate creative director; Todd Blevins, creative director; Cathy Hockenhull, production manager; Andre Pierazzo, production; Account Director: Jill Dewes, account director; Laurie Skene, Calgary Zoo, manager of communications/client.