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Cape Cod Maritime Museum posters

Posters, Education

Cape Cod is a vacation hotspot with a relaxed, family-friendly vibe. Research has shown that many visitors to the area wait until they arrive to decide what to do on their vacation. The nonprofit Cape Cod Maritime Museum took advantage of this knowledge to stretch its advertising budget by creating a local poster campaign for a new exhibit about rum running off Cape Cod during prohibition. The main artifact in the exhibit is a twelve-cylinder Liberty aircraft engine that the most successful Cape Cod rum runners used to outrun the Coast Guard, so Boston-based creative group Blue Rudder made speed the focus of the posters, which were displayed on public bulletin boards throughout the Mid Cape. The campaign was a success—the posters helped the museum boost admissions by 34 percent over last year.

Robert Hamilton, art director; Stuart Cooperrider, writer; Stuart Cooperrider/Robert Hamilton, creative directors; William R. Davis, illustrator, Blue Rudder Creative Group (Charlestown, MA), design firm; Cape Cod Maritime Museum, client.