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Clark’s Oyster Bar identity

Identity, Entertainment

Branding Clark’s Oyster Bar started out as a relatively small project for Austin, Texas-based FÖDA Studio. It was initially an expansion of a successful Austin restaurant called Perla’s that FÖDA had developed a brand for a few years earlier. But during a brainstorming session with the client, FÖDA suggested naming the new outpost Clark’s as shorthand for the restaurant’s location in Austin’s Clarksville district, and the name immediately suggested an identity as Perla’s “little brother.” From there, what was originally a simple brand extension took on an entirely new narrative of its own. The look of Clark’s was inspired by yachting and sailing, a lighter and more whimsical spin on Perla’s marina motif. FÖDA reinterpreted traditional sailing elements, creating dubious wind flow charts for a sea that doesn’t exist, redrawing a yachting signal flag system and ensign, researching naval typography and reappropriating powerboat dials and naval gauges. From handmade custom ADA signage to exterior street numbers, every detail in the tiny restaurant became part of Clark’s distinctive identity.

Emily Sawtelle/Dale Wallain, designers; Jett Butler, chief creative director; Matthew Williamson, interactive developer; Lesley Taylor, project manager; FÖDA Studio (Austin, TX), design firm; McGuire Moorman Hospitality, client.