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Coca-Cola’s Bar Aberto

Identity, Consumer

Coca-Cola has a unique space in Portugal’s Dragon Stadium, home to football club FC Porto. Previously used only for VIP guests, the space was re-branded as Bar Aberto (“open bar”), where all are welcome. The typography was created exclusively for Bar Aberto, as well as a library of dingbats that relate to the space, the football club and Coca-Cola. The identity and graphic elements are embodied in physical space by the use of fabric, polycarbonate, black lights and neon to create a sense of happiness that glows.

Tiago Canas/Nuno Jeronimo, writers; O Escritório/This is Pacifica, creative directors; Tiago Campea, motion graphic designer; Pedro Mesquita/Filipe Mesquita/Pedro Serrao, design; Ines Guedes, photographer; Pedro Martins, project manager; This is Pacifica (Porto, Portugal), design firm; Coca-Cola, client.