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Colorado Tourism wine bottles

Packaging, Business

For the annual Colorado Governor’s Tourism Conference, the team at Denver-based Karsh Hagan wanted to create a gift people could enjoy right away, but also keep forever. They put wine, a passing pleasure, into bottles worthy of being saved, reused and displayed instead of ending up in the recycling bin. In lieu of traditional labels, the bottles in Karsh Hagan’s one-of-a-kind wine gift sets are decorated with an organic pattern of icons that represent the entire state of Colorado. The bottles were laser-etched and dipped in white wax, making them something to hold on to after the wine has been enjoyed.

Dave Fymbo, writer; Nick Marranzino, designer; Darren Brickel, associate creative director; Matt Ingwalson, creative director; Karen Heydman, agency producer; Carol Quinn/Emily Rundles, project managers; Public Letterpress, fabricator; Karsh Hagan (Denver, CO), ad agency; Colorado Tourism, client.