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Colourmatch periodical design

Publications, Consumer

Colourmatch is a periodical published by the makers of HKS, a color system for offset printing. Each issue of Colourmatch publicizes a small selection of HKS tones (over 3000 in all) through a unique topic and a specific typographic style. The typefaces used are produced by smaller type foundries, and the periodical is an opportunity to display their range and potential. HKS 22, designed by German studio CLMNZ, is the latest edition of Colourmatch, released in December 2013. It is painstakingly printed in five spot colors using the Bloo and Caporal typefaces by Damien Gautier, and features surprising stories about the number 22. The publication is so successful that, since launching Colourmatch, HKS no longer uses any product advertising printed in conventional process colors, and the issues have become collectables. Subscriptions, however, are free on the HKS website.

Clemens Hartmann, CLMNZ (Karlsruhe, Germany), designer; HKS Warenzeichenverband e. V., client.