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Nescafe "Reminders" :60 TV commercial

TV/Radio Commercials, Consumer

a52 has worked with Nescafé and MJZ director Blue Source (Leigh Marlen) for years, collaborating with both on a number of projects. "Reminders" was shot in Mexico City and presented unique challenges—each vignette requiring a different technique or effect to enhance what was shot practically.

"The alley in the shoot was dressed with real flowers that were then extended to the horizon line in post, the multiple sunrises were captured in time lapse and then composited into one shot, the little boy was filmed using body doubles and multiple passes, and so on, says Even with the heavy use of VFX, the spot has a seamless, natural feel to it, and has garnered a very positive response."

twofifteenmccann, agency; Scott Duchon, chief creative officer; James Robinson, creative director: Nik Daum, art director; James Robinson, copywriter; Brandon Romer, senior producer; Alex Spahr/Tom Wright, production directors; Mike Parsons, managing director:

MJZ, production company; Blue Source (Leigh Marlen) director; Alejandro Martinez, director of photography; Mark Hall, live action producer; Roberto Bonelli, production designer

a52, VFX studio; VFX supervisor, Jesse Monsour; Bruno Parenti/Steve Wolf, 2D VFX artists; Paul Yacono, colorist; Jenn Sofio Hall/Megan Meloth/Daughn Godd Ward, producers