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Commonwealth Bank environmental graphics

Environmental Graphics, Business

Staffing a call center is important work, but let’s face it: it can get a bit monotonous. Australia’s Commonwealth Bank recognized the need to create a lively and cheerful environment at its newly refurbished Melbourne call center, and the bank enlisted Frost* to energize the space with a program of environmental graphics. Working with interior designers Davenport Campbell, Frost* created signage and wayfinding for the seven-level building along with colorful, super-sized graphic backdrops. The distinct character of the city of Melbourne drove the design, and the space is visually separated into areas for work, rest and play by different parts of the urban landscape: in work areas, the design references urban streets, while in break spaces, the focus is on nature and parks. Working closely with New York-based illustrator James Gulliver Hancock, Frost* hid pockets of quirky detail among images of iconic Melbourne architecture to echo the kinds of discoveries that can be made while exploring the city’s streets.

Katie Bevin/Charlie Bromley/Jordan Rowe, designers; Bridget Atkinson, design director; Vince Frost, creative director; Davenport Campbell Interior Design, design; Adam Longo, manager of graphic design; James Gulliver Hancock, illustrator; Paragon Project Management, project management; Frost* (Sydney, Australia), design firm, Commonwealth Bank Australia, client.