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Converse Clash campaign

Out-of-Home Ads, Consumer

Converse is always looking for new ways to go beyond product-centric ads, particularly in outdoor executions, because a big part of the company’s ethos is to do things that are useful on a local level. For the Clash campaign, Converse wanted ad agency Anomaly to push outside of the square boundaries of magazines and billboards into the real world. The ads are all about Converse’s classic Chuck Taylor sneakers oozing, dripping and exploding with painted colors, and the larger campaign carried the theme to unexpected and otherwise dull city surfaces, which were transformed with color. Fourteen outdoor elements were created as pure, abstract expressions of color, free from any product images or overt branding. Each piece was simply numbered and tagged or signed by the artist. All of these urban locations were privately-owned, from fire escapes to recycling trucks, which gave the campaign the local, “where-did-that-come-from” quality it needed to feel more like art than advertising. “Apart from the thrills and spills that came with painting outdoors in the dead of winter,” says Anomaly’s Christine O’Donnell, “the most interesting thing was seeing and hearing people's reactions. To hear things like ‘thank you for bringing color to my walk to work’ or ‘Converse is doing this? It’s amazing!’ serves as instant reward for effort.”

Andrew Guirguis/Serifcan Ozcan, art directors; Mat Jerrett, creative director; Ian Toombs, executive creative director; Mike Byrne, chief creative officer; Levi Brown, photographer; Megan Caponetto/Greg Lamarche, artists; Jen Aborn, art buyer; Fill in the Blank Productions, producer; Jordan Spielman, agency producer; Anomaly (New York, NY), ad agency; Converse, client.