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Corona Day of the Dead packaging

Packaging, Consumer

In Canada, Corona encourages drinkers to “Live Mas Fina,” or to live a life worth celebrating. The celebration extends to the afterlife with a special packaging campaign created for the Day of the Dead. Toronto-based Zulu Alpha Kilo designed three limited-edition cans as well as supporting mass media and digital campaigns around the central image of a sugar skull, the quintessential Day of the Dead symbol. Each ad asks a question: Will you have seen the world? Will you have loved enough? Zulu Alpha Kilo also created limited-edition silkscreen prints of the posters and gave them away to lucky fans on social media. The posters were featured on art blogs across the web. More importantly, the Corona Day of the Dead cans were so popular that retailers had a hard time keeping up with the demand.

Jenny Luong, art director; Nick Asik, writer; Mooren Bofill, design director; Zak Mroueh/Shane Ogilvie, creative directors; Elton Clemente/Jenny Luong, illustrators; Brandon Dyson, studio artist; Kate Spencer, agency producer; Zulu Alpha Kilo (Toronto, Canada), ad agency; Modelo Molson Imports LP, client.