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Costa Sunglasses Guyana Project film

Motion Graphics, Self-Promotion

Costa, a company that makes sunglasses specially designed for fishing, recently completed an innovative project to help promote and support an ecologically sound sport-fishing business in the Rupununi area of Guyana. Costa brought in creative studio Giant Ant to explain the project in an animated film. “I thought that animation would be a great way to tell the Guyana story,” says Al Perkinson, Costa’s vice president of marketing. “From a practical standpoint, animation allowed us to create the visuals we needed to match the story, without having to sift through hundreds of hours of footage. Guyana’s rainforest is a magical place, and the animation, with its amazing detail and nuance, was able to bring the jungle and its people to life in a beautiful way.” Costa plans to use the piece to explain the project to others who may want to help the people of the Rupununi or start similar projects in other parts of the world. Costa is also setting up a foundation that will serve as an incubator and catalyst for developing sustainable sport fishing businesses run by indigenous people, and this film will help explain the company’s efforts.

Lucas Brooking, art director; Jay Grandin, writer/creative director; Lucas Brooking/Jay Grandin, illustrators; Henrique Barone/Jorge Canedo Estrada/Nicholas Ferreira/Matt James, animation; John Corbett, voice talent; Ryland Haggis, music composer; Cory Hawthorne, sound design; Giant Ant (Vancouver, Canada), production company; Costa Sunglasses, client.