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Crazy Good Bread identity

Identity, Entertainment

Crazy Good Bread opened its first retail space in Carpinteria, California, in September 2013. The mother-and-daughter team behind the new bakery encourage customers to have fun exploring flavor combinations with shop standards like rosemary-olive and lavender as well as rotating specialties such as orange-cinnamon raisin and cherry cardamom. Their quest is to make the good life a little bit better, and Studiofluid was happy to help out with brand strategy and a memorable identity that extends from packaging and collateral to the design of the CGB retail space, e-commerce shop, email newsletters and vehicle graphics. Studiofluid wanted customers to understand that a loaf of Crazy Good Bread is more than a simple commodity; it’s something special—a wonderful contribution to a dinner party or an elegant gift to send in the mail. “Although the bread is ‘crazy’ good, the visuals didn’t need to be,” says creative director Ben Thompson. “We opted to keep the identity streamlined and understated in deference to the bread.” The visual identity combines European-bakery chic with rustic textures, and splashes of cheerful blue and cheeky copywriting tie the brand together. CGB’s second location, at the Santa Barbara Public Market, is slated to open this fall.

Shawn Boyd, writer; Lucy Kozozian, designer; Ben Thompson, creative director; Anais & Dax, photographer; Studiofluid (Durango, CO), design firm; Crazy Good Bread Co., client.