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Cube Calendar

Collateral, Consumer

The Cube Calendar is an innovative twist on how we mark our days. It’s neither a messy sheaf of paper hanging on the wall nor a digital display glowing with multicolored appointments; instead, its shape reflects deliberations about the nature of time. The compact object subtly changes shape in your hands as you tear off a card each day, giving a tangible sense of the passing of time. The calendar comes in a specially designed box that ingeniously folds around the cube without any adhesive. When the lid is lifted, the box falls open like origami.

“To me, the interaction with the design is important,” says creator Philip Stroomberg. “The shape is the result of an idea; it isn’t based on established lines. I wanted to create it so that that the user develops a bond with the object.” Stroomberg’s idea has clearly succeeded—his calendar, which he designed entirely on his own, has already won several international design awards.

Philip Stroomberg, designer; Stroomberg (Amsterdam, The Netherlands), design firm; IGEPA, client.