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Dallas Farmers Market Friends SNAP campaign

Out-of-Home Ads, Public Service

When it comes to food, lower-income families often have to resort to whatever is cheapest. Unfortunately, what’s cheap isn’t always healthy. But now that the Dallas Farmers Market accepts the Lone Star EBT card, there is a new, healthy and affordable option for Dallas residents to consider when it comes to feeding their families.

Dallas-based advertising agency Firehouse launched the SNAP Program for Dallas Farmers Market Friends to let lower-income Dallas residents know that some of the city’s freshest and most affordable produce can be found at the Dallas Farmers Market, and that they can use their Lone Star EBT card and SNAP food benefits to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables directly from local farmers.

Ryan Smith, art director; Greg Hunter, writer/associate creative director; Tripp Westbrook, executive creative director; Richard Thompson, illustrator; Firehouse Agency (Dallas, TX), ad agency; Dallas Farmers Market Friends, client.