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A’DAM Toren building wrap

Out-of-Home Ads, Business

The unashamedly bold design of this building wrap by The Stone Twins announces the redevelopment plans for the iconic Toren Overhoeks, the former headquarters of Shell in Amsterdam. The wrap is the debut of the brand name A’DAM (also devised by The Stone Twins), a cheeky reference to the well-known abbreviation of Amsterdam, as well as an acronym for Amsterdam Dance and Music. The design features a medley of song titles to create a musical theme that reflects the core business of the developers and the anchor tenants: ID&T, MassiveMusic and AIR. The vivid colors and arresting typography convey the energy behind the plans for the tower, which will be redeveloped into a mix of entertainment venues and offices for the creative and music industries. In the four months since its installation, the engaging copy and massive scale of the building wrap (each side measures 52 by 25 meters) has triggered a great deal of excitement and anticipation. It has also become a proud symbol for the regeneration of Amsterdam Noord, an area that is fast becoming the new creative center of Amsterdam.

Declan Stone/Garech Stone, writers/designers; Marc Driessen, photographer; The Stone Twins (Amsterdam, The Netherlands), design firm; ID&T/MassiveMusic/AIR, clients.