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David Attenborough’s Natural Curiosities

Motion Graphics, Entertainment

Sir David Attenborough and Executive Producer Stephen Dunleavy consider David Attenborough’s Natural Curiosities “a dream fulfilled” by Eden, the dedicated home of natural history and scientific programming in the UK. The series focuses on the creatures whose biology intrigues Sir David the most, including chameleons, giraffes and the platypus. Taking the viewer on an intimate journey through the oddities he’s observed in the natural world, this is a side of Attenborough you won’t see anywhere else on TV. Red Bee Media was tasked with bringing this to life in a warm and cherished manner, but at the same time communicating that this deeply personal adventure was to take place for the first time exclusively on Eden.

In a fully integrated, multi-platform campaign, we delve into Sir David’s recollections of his lifelong passions and fascinations. On TV his notebook comes to life, and the aesthetic of this was then carried across print and digital. Red Bee created a range of deliverables, including a 40” and 20” cutdown, a BEOP, two idents, a press ad and digital banners. The films, narrated by Sir David, take us on an animated journey of what the series is to entail. Both beautiful and detailed, the trail is closely linked with the hand-illustrated press and digital, and delivers on the objective that this new and exciting show is clearly owned by Eden, the home of the best in nature and science.

Ruth Shabi, group creative director; Joe Lee, creative director; Cassie Toone, creative; Tim Whirledge, planner; Polly Wedderburn, account manager; Sarah Caddy, producer; Trine Johnson, print producer; Anke Stentiford, digital video producer; Strange Beast, production company; Adam Parry, director; Lottie Hope, producer; Sam O’Keefe, executive producer; Kitty Turley, production assistant; Adam Parry, FX animation and compositing; Patrick Krafft, Lead 3-D; Daryl Graham, 2-D animation; Simon Swales, 2-D clean-up and FX animation; Magali Barbe/Florian Mounie, 3-D animation; Augusto Lombardi, simulation; Mathieu Vierendeel, CG coordinator; Raymond Lewis, rotoscopy; Sir David Attenborough/Cassie Toone, voice talent; Dan Beckwith @ Factory, sound design; What Are You Waiting For by Amiina and We are Big Dipper, music.