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Delta music video

Motion Graphics, Entertainment

“Delta” is a driving electronic track by French turntablists C2C. With plenty of atmospheric tension and very spare lyrics, the song sets a mood but doesn't tell a story. For CRCR, one of the major artist collectives at the Paris graphics studio WIZZdesign, making a music video for a track like this was an opportunity to take creative risks. The artists chose to interpret the “delta” literally, as a triangle, and worked to make the shape an active narrative and cinematic force, creating a story in which a triangle is the primary character. The tale is set in a 1970s-style science fiction world in which a nation of helpless men are coping with the arrival of a mysterious and ominous triangular ship. The video follows the point of view of the protagonist, a baffled and frightened king, so the audience is left to imagine what the ship is, and what it represents.

C2C, artist; CRCR, director; Matthieu Poirier, executive producer; WIZZ (Paris, France), production company; On & On Records, music/client.