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Diablo’s Shadow packaging

Packaging, Consumer

Design firm Cult Partners is located in Oakland, California, and the Sutherland Distilling Company is based in nearby Livermore, so both business enjoy a daily glimpse of Mt. Diablo, one of the San Francisco Bay Area’s most iconic peaks. According to local lore, the shadow cast by the mountain has served as a hideout for renegade moonshiners, a sacred home to Native Americans and a reference point for early mapmakers. More recently, the mountain’s shade inspired Diablo’s Shadow, Sutherland Distilling’s new line of craft spirits. Cult Partners designed the packaging, which is inspired by vintage maps and prohibition-era spirits bottles. The hand-drawn brand mark playfully combines gothic fonts with demonic serifs and ligatures. An illustrated map of the Bay Area is printed in reverse on the back of the bottle, but it’s only visible when the bottle is viewed from the front, under just the right light, adding a touch of mystery and discovery.

Sara Golzari/Michael Hester/Jeff Hester, creative directors; Dave Stevenson, illustrator; Cult Partners (Oakland, CA), design firm; Sutherland Distilling Co., client.