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Doug’s Gym booklet

Collateral, Self-Promotion

Dick Patrick is a photographer known for his work in advertising, particularly in the food industry, but each year he shakes things up with a personal project to keep his creative juices flowing. This year he went for a real departure from the glossy succulence of food shots and photographed the bare-bones grit of Doug’s Gym and its equally gritty owner, 84-year-old Doug Eidd, both long-time Dallas institutions.

There’s nothing posh about Doug’s. The gym hasn’t changed a whole lot since Eidd started running it in 1962—people come to sweat and pump iron, not be distracted by spa-like frills. Matchbox Studio collaborated with Patrick to produce a 28-page booklet that gives an authentic picture of Eidd and his business. Patrick shot over a period of four months, getting to know the regulars, and the booklet mixes quotes from Eidd and his clients with photos and graphics to capture the character of the place. In the end, the project succeeded in telling not only the story of Doug’s gym but also of Dick Patrick Studios: Many of Patrick’s regular clients were surprised by how different this piece was and came to understand a whole new side of the well-known photographer.

Mitchell Ditto, writer; Zach Hale, designer; Liz Burnett, creative director; Dick Patrick, photographer; The Matchbox Studio (Dallas, TX), design firm; Dick Patrick Studios, Inc. client.