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Dust Cutter Lemonade branding

Identity, Entertainment

Dust Cutter is a new lemonade company based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming that launched this summer with a brand identity designed by Cultivator. “It’s a western brand, but we wanted the poster to be fun, light-hearted and approachable,” says creative director Monte Mead. Designers adopted a traditional rodeo illustration style and created a lemon-riding cowboy. “It's familiar,” says Mead, “but with a twist." As for the cowboy himself, he was created to look tough, but not mean, which meant nixing a mustache that appeared in early versions. The launch got a boost from the Dust Cutter delivery van (a Dodge Sprinter), which became an icon in Jackson Hole this summer. “Wherever in town it was parked, tourists came up, asked to buy lemonade and took photos,” says account director Matt Neren. “It was definitely Dust Cutter's most impactful (and cost-effective) advertising medium.” Well, it was... until a driver who was busy texting smashed into it at over 25 miles per hour, putting it out of commission for over a month. Despite the setback, Dust Cutter enjoyed a successful launch and online sales from around the country, and is now expanding to the Salt Lake City market.

Jeremy Pruitt, art director; Tim Abare, writer; Monte Mead, creative director; Jeff Foster, illustrator; Cultivator Advertising & Design (Denver, CO), ad agency; Dust Cutter Beverage Co., client.