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East Valley Children’s Theater posters

Posters, Entertainment

East Valley Children’s Theatre in Mesa, Arizona, is a neighbor of TunnelBravo, a design studio based in the nearby town of Gilbert. Several years ago, the theater asked TunnelBravo to design the posters for its annual productions. The designers were happy to take on the job, in part because it gives them the chance to experiment in a style that they don’t usually get to work with. “Each year brings the fun challenge of creating a simple, memorable graphic that quickly sums up each show,” says TunnelBravo co-founder John Johnson. The studio creates a poster campaign for every season at the theater, always working with the same vertical format and logo placement, which has become an easy way for the community to identify an EVCT show poster. The satisfaction of working on the ongoing project goes beyond the pleasure of addressing the design challenge. “East Valley Children’s Theatre is a great group of people who help to inspire creativity in the rising generation,” Johnson says. “It’s something we are proud to support.”

John Johnson/Stewart West, art directors; John Johnson/Jason Johnson/Stewart West, designers; TunnelBravo (Gilbert, AZ), design firm; East Valley Children's Theatre, client.