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Emergence digital projection

Digital Displays, Education

To celebrate the opening of San Francisco’s iconic Exploratorium science museum in a new waterfront location, local studio Obscura Digital created a site-specific digital projection dubbed “Emergence.” Instead of using computer graphics, the team at Obscura built scale models of the building’s façade and conducted science experiments: they grew plants and crystals, collected microscopic protozoa and toyed with liquids and gases, all within the specific contours of the building itself. When projected at full size, the images respond to the museum’s architecture, bending and turning around windows, doors and walls.

Garth Williams, creative director; Matty Dowlen, executive producer; Gaston Albanell/Andrew Plourde/Bryan Sullivan, technology directors; Marc Melzer, manager of media services; George Rosenthal/Tom Sepe/Desmond Shea, production designers; Barry Threw, interactive designer; Ana Herruzo, interactive developer; Susan Ali/Jennifer Spratt, producers; Hoss Ward, fabricator; Alexi Alexaieff, artist; Jim Ellis, 3-D designer; Tim Digulla, art director; Travis Threlkel, executive creative director; Mia Hanak, writer; Sean Holt, information architect; Phillip Briggs, photo editor; Joshua Brott, photographer; Ben Stokes, Mission Control, designer; FLIR Systems, Inc., digital imaging; Richard Weinberg, Digital Cinema Microscopy, consultants; Obscura Digital (San Francisco, CA), design firm; Exporatorium, client