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Emoticons ads

Print Ads, Public Service

When predators make contact with a child online, the first thing they do is try to gain the child’s trust. They often do so by pretending to be another kid, and they mimic the online language of their target. That means speaking in slang, abbreviations and Emoji, the cartoonish faces and symbols that act as digital shorthand for feelings and phrases. Paris agency Rosapark worked with 3-D imaging company Méchanique Générale to show the disturbing realities that could lie behind the harmless-seeming Emoji symbols in a child’s chatbox.

Mark Forgan/Jamie Standen, creative directors; Jean-Patrick Chiquiar/Gilles Fichteberg/Jean-François Sacco, chief creative officers; Paul-Henri Masson, typographer; Baptiste Massé, photographer/3-D designer; Rosapark Paris (Paris, France), ad agency; Méchanique Générale, design firm; Innocence en Danger.