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03.23.09 "GPS" PSA

Online Ads, Public Service

Santa Monica/New York design/production studio Blind Visual Propaganda created this haunting PSA for Martin Williams (Minneapolis, MN) client, to portray the very real danger of stray bullets. In the animated spot, an ostensibly innocent route on a GPS system takes a sinister turn when the guiding arrow turns out to be a stray bullet and its final destination results in tragedy.

The misdirection of the bullet posed the greatest challenge during production; the solution required a seamless transition from the familiar, mechanical GPS display and arrow to something that, while unclear, would convey something dangerous and menacing. Utilizing Cinema 4D, Maya and AfterEffects, the result is a surprising narrative in which a benign arrow on a straightforward path moves into and through a 2-D display into a dimensional world that evolves around the viewer, and, by altering its movement, takes on arbitrary yet violent characteristics.

Toby Balai, Martin Williams, art director; Steve Casey, Martin Williams, writer; Randy Tatum, Martin Williams, creative director; Sakona Kong, Blind, creative director; Chris Oneil, Blind/Josh Childers, Blind/Sakona Kong, Blind, 3D animators; Sakona Kong, Blind/Kenny Kegley, Blind/Paul Kim, Blind/Stef Roberts, Blind, designers; Dana Vaden, Blind, producer; Dave Kleinman, Blind/Stan Prinsen, Martin Williams, executive producers; Jennifer Cadwell, Martin Williams, senior producer.