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Endless Performance spot for Toshiba

Motion Graphics, Consumer

Psyop and McCann take us on a trippy trip inside Toshiba’s newest tablet in “Endless Performance.” The loopy animated spot focuses on four key functions: film and music, productivity, gaming and connectivity. “We wanted to articulate each function in a way that was fun and silly, yet informative,” says Psyop Director Fletcher Moules. Psyop approached the project as a mini-film, working with a team of designers and concept artists to invent unique worlds. The four themes emerge and intertwine as the camera sweeps past bizarre characters and intricate fantasy landscapes. “We were given the trust and freedom to roam creatively,” says Psyop director Kylie Matulick. The team used a technique called fractal zoom, which has to do with the ratio of a camera’s speed to the scaling of the image planes, and gives a sense of being able to travel infinitely deeper into the image. Psyop added dimension with 3-D cameras and matte painted scenes. “Production for ‘Endless Performance’ was totally different from any other job,” says Moules. “There is a lot to see, and we needed to be sure to strike a balance between content and viewing speed. We hope audiences will find something new every time they watch it.”

Will Shepherd, creative director; Rich Dorey/Mark McCall, McCann, co-chief creative officers; Paul Kim/Therese Larsson/Paul Mager/Chris Martin/Andrew Park/Velwyn Yossy, designers; Robby Branham/Stephen DeLalla, lighting designers; Victor Garza/Brianne Meyer, graphic artists; Katerina Arroyo/David Bokser/Larissa Docolas/Sean Kealey/Paul Kim/Wendy Klein/Edmund Liang/Josh Wiesenfeld/Velwyn Yossy, artists; Stephen DeLalla/Matt Lavoy, technology directors; Max Graenitz/Rachel Yonda, animators; Chris Brock/Paul Magher, illustrators; Larissa Docolas/Rie Ito/Wendy Klein/Brianne Meyer, 3-D modeling; Matt Lavoy, Flame artist; Lance Pereira, editor; Kylie Matulick/Fletcher Moules, directors; Shannon Alexander, producer; Alex McLoughlin, McCann/Jessica Schlobolm, associate producers; Sonny Botero/Charlie Macpherson, McCann, agency producers; Luisa Murray, executive producer; Psyop (New York, NY), production company; McCann USA, ad agency; Toshiba, client.