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“Every Runner Has a Reason” commercials

Online Ads, Consumer

Every runner has his or her unique reason for lacing up. Anomaly, working with Dick's Sporting Goods and Greenpoint Pictures, found thirteen runners across the country to answer the question, “What do you run for?” Their responses were amazing; often humbling and always inspiring. The vignettes feature emotionally resonant stories told by runners including Steve Bell, a marathoner with cystic fibrosis, U.S. Military veteran Tony Clark, who was among the first Marines to enter Afghanistan after 9/11 and pioneering athlete Julia Chase, who in 1961 defied the Amateur Athletic Union’s prohibition of female road racers.

Matt Walton, art director; Johnny Dantonio/Seth Jacobs, writers; Seth Jacobs, creative director; Mike Byrne, executive creative director; Logan Roos, director of photography; Dave Etkin, Greenpoint Pictures, editor; Josh Roos, sound designer; Nico Carbonaro, director; Will Herwig, colorist; Willa Goldfeder/Tammy Han/Leanne Hauser/Katie Nickles/Tatiana Rudzinski, producers; Michael Kuhn/Jacob Lincoln/Andrew Loevenguth, executive producers; Greenpoint Pictures, production company; Anomaly New York (New York, NY), ad agency; Dick's Sporting Goods, client.