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FedEx "Change" TV spot

TV/Radio Commercials, Consumer

Dashing recently showcased their diversity in this spot for FedEx, shot by OPC for BBDO Toronto client FedEx. The spot stars an effortlessly competent business executive/sculptor/surgeon/tattoo artist/chess master who asks his assistant to use FedEx to send a non-urgent shipment. When the assistant comments that FedEx is only good for urgent shipping needs his boss, who’s concurrently involved in a series of extraordinary tasks, explains that it’s possible to be good at many things. The comedy of the spot is in the sheer believability of the boss’s feats created through a series of seamless effects: a physics-based trajectory for a golf ball landing perfectly in a tiny target; plaster chipping off a sculpture; and the design and position of a tattoo so it looks as if it’s being inked, onto his back, by his own hand.

Mike Donaghey, BBDO, art director; Chris Joakim, BBDO, writer; Peter Ignazi, BBDO/Carlos Moreno, BBDO, creative directors; Tim Godsall, OPC, director; Tiko Poulakakis, OPC, director of photography; Christie Gawenda, BBDO/Rick Jarjoura, OPC/Debbie Cooke, Dashing Collective, producers; Harland Weiss, OPC/Michelle Lee, PosterBoy/Michael Lambermont, Alter Ego/Danielle Lyons, Dashing Collective/Bridget Flynn, Grayson Matthews, executive producers; Rob Moggach, Dashing Collective, VFX supervisor; Griff Henderson, PosterBoy, editor; Wade Odlum, Alter Ego, colorist; Grayson Matthews, music/sound design/mix.