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Fiat 500 "Routine" print campaign

Print Ads, Consumer

Leo Burnett Iberia created this new print campaign for Fiat whose protagonists are monsters, super heroes and princes. Routine can make life boring even for characters with such unconventional lives; under the umbrella of “everyday fun” the characters in this series of ads only escape from routine when driving the FIAT 500. The campaign is fresh, original and emphasizes the most important attributes of this model—casual, youthful and, above all, fun.

Alejandro Hernán/Fred Bosch/Javier Martínez, art directors; Fernando Martín, writer; Fernando Martín, creative director; Juan García- Escudero, executive creative director; Freeuno, B-ita, illustrator; Ricardo del Campo, group account director; Eduardo Gómez-Escolar, account director; Jaime Blanco, account executive; Renato del Bino, Fiat, client.