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Field Museum World's Fair exhibit ads and app

Out-of-Home Ads, Entertainment

The World’s Fair expositions began in 1750 and are planned into the 2020s, but one has captured our imagination like no other: the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago. The Wonders of the World’s Fair exhibit at Chicago’s Field Museum of Natural History is displaying many items from that iconic exposition for the first time in 120 years. To promote the exhibit, DDB Chicago created a special campaign that gives a window into the Fair. Television ads, posters and an immersive mobile app all lead with an invitation to “see what they saw,” to imagine the giddy joy of riding that first Ferris wheel, or the astonishment of seeing electricity work for the first time. The app creates interactive 360-degree landscapes of the 1893 fair’s Kansas pavilion and Midway, with text and video that tells the stories surrounding the museum’s oldest collection. It’s not just a campaign, it’s a time machine—one that reminds us that the smartphones we hold and the apps we tap through are revolutionary inventions as well.

Mary Beth Adduci/Andrew Bloom/Warren Frost/Nathan Monteith, art directors; Cori Donohoe, writer; Lindsey Stuart, design director; Alex Braxton/Alistair Robertson/Karin Rose, creative directors; Ewan Paterson, chief creative officer; Taylor Castle, photographer; Suzanne Koller, art buyer; Katie Koehler-Reed, producer; Jon Ellis/Diane Jackson, executive producers; Kelli Weber, project manager; DDB Chicago (Chicago, IL), ad agency; Field Museum, client.