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Florida Prepaid College Board ads

Print Ads, Education

Florida Prepaid College Plans make it easy for parents to start saving for their child’s college education, even while they’re still buying diapers. The plans are an incredible tool for parents with big dreams for their little genius, who just might end up at the same school they once attended themselves. To help tap into parents’ love of their alma mater, Bright Red\TBWA enlisted photographer Jill Greenberg to capture these images of children performing the famous gestures sports fans use to cheer on schools throughout the state.

Jesse Saler, art director; Laura LeBel/Jason Piroth, associate creative directors; Rob Kerr, executive creative director; Jill Greenberg, photographer; Emily Barrow, agency producer; Bright Red\TBWA (Tallahassee, FL), ad agency; Florida Prepaid College Board, client.