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Fogg Mobile identity

Identity, Consumer

Fogg Mobile is a global Internet access solution allowing travelers to stay online for a favorable fixed cost. Bunch developed the identity based on the brand concept conceived by Kurppa Hosk. A stark and somewhat technical visual foundation is complemented by an inspiring colorful blob created through the magic of CGI. While digital in nature, the 3-D model carefully combines light, texture and space to add depth in both print and digital format while maintaining its poetic essence. Also in charge of print production, Bunch was able to produce materials with great attention to detail, where the “borderless” theme is explored not only through typography and visuals, but also materials, print processes and finishes.

Denis Kovac/Marko Mlinaric, designers; Ivan Husar, head of production; Kurppa Hosk, 3-D model conception; Bunch, 3-D model development and animation; Denis Kovac, creative director; Bunch (Zagreb, Croatia), design firm; John Harmander, marketing director (Fogg Mobile); Fogg Mobile, client.