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Foot Locker/ASICS retail display

Environmental Graphics, Consumer

Life is getting a little more colorful at more than 500 Foot Locker locations across the US. A recent partnership between the global retailer and global sporting goods manufacturer ASICS, resulted in a promotion dubbed “Colors That Run,” a series of unique 3-D retail displays literally dripping with color.

ASICS and VITRO collaborated on the color-focused retail display with street-level stopping power to draw customers into Foot Locker stores. Featuring ASICS’s bold and bright new colors, the innovative retail executions create the illusion of paint pouring into the shoes from branded paint cans and oozing out of the shoes onto display tables, or cascading from one shoe to another in a rainbow waterfall of color. To achieve a realistic depiction of the swirling colors, each of the 500 plus display pieces, fabricated from a custom mold and constructed of polyurethane foam, is painted by hand.

[photo credit: Peter Schafrick]

Mike Brower/Ahab Nimry, designers; Mike Brower, design director; John Vitro, executive creative director; Michael Berberick, production director; Robbie Boyhan, production artist; Michael Catanzaro, group account director.