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FRÏS Vodka package redesign

Packaging, Consumer

The Brand Union recently developed a new identity with standout appeal that delivers on the unique positioning, “Freeze Time. Seize Pure Moments.” The creative team worked two- and three-dimensionally to create a bottle that represents the essence of ice: The crystalline shape communicates icy purity and the dark color provides greater contrast to the memorable silhouette. The logo was developed in line with the structure and the end result is a beautifully frozen identity that corresponds with the “FRÏS the Moment” tagline. It’s an elegantly frosted, contemporary design that’s successfully led to a strong reaction from young male consumers.

Sam Farfsing, senior designer; Apirat Infahsaeng, design director; Viktor Jondal, industrial designer; Chuck Rudy, executive creative director; Richard Bates, chief creative officer.